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FireMeasure Inc - Code Compliance

Fire Protection Assessment

A Fire Protection Assessment is performed in order to understand facility fire safety vulnerabilities.  Many times the real issue is different from the perceived issue.  The Assessment starts with a review  of the current facility’s plans and operations, followed by an onsite review looking for opportunities to assure compliance and facilitate emergency response.

  • Identify Fire Safety Vulnerabilties;
  • Perform Site Hazard Assessments;
  • Identify Cost-Effective Opportunities;
  • Assess Compliance With Applicable Regulations;
  • Determine Ability to Prevent or Respond to an Emergency.
FireMeasure Inc - Design Services

Plan Review

Any design or design change should consider Fire Safety Requirements. We can help you ensure that your designs are appropriate to ensure fire safety and to comply with all applicable regulations.

  • Review Drawings;
  • Review Specifications;
  • Evaluate Cost-Effective Alternatives;
  • Maintain Configuration Control;
  • Provide Assistance in Evaluating Vendors to Ensure Compliance with Fire Safety Protection Requirements;
  • Assess Readiness.

Fire Protection Code Compliance

We identify applicable Federal, State, and local codes and help you understand how to comply with them at your facility.

  • Interpret Codes;
  • Review Compliance;
  • Evaluate Cost-Effective Alternatives;
  • Negotiate Code Requirements;
  • Perform Operational Readiness Reviews;
  • Suggest Program and Procedure Improvements.

FIreMeasure, Incorporated -Services-fire-extinguishers

Fire Protection Program Development

We have decades of experience in developing Fire Protection programs, plans,and procedures for Federal, State, and privately-owned facilities.

  • Create Integrated Fire Protection Program;
  • Outline Objectives;
  • Define Organizational Relationships;
  • Specify Design Requirements;
  • Identify Operating Requirements;
  • Create Procedures such as Operating, Response and Maintenance.
  • Identify and Resolves Conflicts with Operational Requirements and Other Safety Programs
FireMeasure Inc - Project Management

Project Management

A Fire Protection Program is an important part of the management of a project. We work with you through all phases of design and construction to ensure your Fire Protection Program is appropriate for your facility and can be maintained within your budget.

  • Program;
  • Design;
  • Construction;
  • Startup:
  • Evaluate Cost-Effective Alternatives;
  • Review Compliance;
  • Develop Action Plans to Implement Requirements.
FireMeasure Inc - Training


Once your Fire Protection Program and Procedures have been developed and approved, we assist you in training your personnel to understand and follow them.

  • Code Requirements;
  • Hazard Identification;
  • Procedures;
  • Fire Protection Features (Selection, Operation, Maintenance, Inspections).