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Fire Protection Program Development

Development and review of Fire Protection programs, plans, and procedures.  Experience with Federal and State facilities as well as with private industry.

Fire Protection Code Compliance

Expert identification of and assistance with coming into compliance with the Federal, State, and local fire protection codes that apply to your facility.

FireMeasure Inc - Design Services

Plan Review

Design reviews to ensure fire safety requirements are met and maintained, both for initial design and for design changes.

FireMeasure Inc - Code Compliance

Fire Protection Assessment

Assessment of facility’s fire safety vulnerabilities and emergency response preparedness.

FireMeasure Inc - Project Management

Project Management

Project Management support throughout design and construction phases of your project to ensure fire protection requirements are incorporated appropriately and economically.

FireMeasure Inc - Training


Training support for your staff to ensure all understand the fire safety requirements and how it impacts their jobs.

Why us?

We’ve got the tools

Professional engineer in fire protection in 5 states.  We work on fire protection programs for both the public and private sectors.

Expert Fire Protection Support

Help with developing Fire Protection programs, plans, and procedures.  Conduct of site hazard assessments and operational reviews.

Certified Experience

We have worked on fire protection programs that span the gamut from historic structures to nuclear facilities.  We have extensive experience with the National Park Service and the Department of Energy.


We have worked as fire protection program operators, regulators, and auditors.  This gives us the ability to view your program from all these perspectives and helps us help you develop and implement the fire protection program that works the best for your facility.

Common Sense Solutions

Our vast experience with fire protection requirements in a multitude of situations means we can help you get into compliance with fire protection codes in the most cost effective way possible.

Competitive Pricing

FireMeasure, Incorporated, prides itself on its reasonable rates and we work with each client to determine the level of effort appropriate for each project.

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